Accomplices & Allies
"new best friends are made everyday!"
N.Q. Arbuckle
C.R. Avery
Bermuda Triangle Service
Geoff Berner
Jim Bryson
The Buttless Chaps
Neko Case
Fred Eaglesmith
Christine Fellows
The Fembots
The Fine Options
Rachel Flotard
Neil Hamburger
The Handsome Family
Hank Pine and Lily Fawn

Sarah Harmer
Tom Heinl
Kelly Hogan
Amy Honey
Shuyler Jansen
B.A. Johnson
JT & The Clouds
Dave Lang
Lederhosen Lucil
Li'l Andy
Corb Lund
Eleni Mandell
Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs
Matt Masters
Mayor McCa
Miss Murgatroid
Oh Susanna
Po' Girl
Run Chico Run
Indio Saravanja
The Seams
The Shiftless Rounders
The Silver Hearts
Slo' Tom
Leeroy Stagger
The Trucks
Twin Fangs
The Weakerthans
Jenny Whiteley
Luther Wright


Check out the hilarious Letters To Garth prank our friend Andrew Pearson played on our old drummer!

Friends without computers that you gotta find the old fashioned way:
Daddy's Hands, Vancouver, BC
Pigby, Vancouver, BC

The band you need a time machine to see:
The Show Business Giants

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